Press releases

28 February 2023

OnTheMarket plc introduces behaviour based pre-qualification to increase lead quality in latest UX enhancements

OnTheMarket Group (“OnTheMarket” or “The Group”) has continued its push to engage serious property seekers and ensure they stand out to agents when making enquiries, with the roll out of a host of consumer-facing updates encouraging interactions with movers.  

Users now have access to OnTheMarket’s MyPlace consumer dashboard, which boasts a range of new functions and UX enhancements. The latest updates continue the portal’s focus on providing functionality that supports agents in building client relationships, generating stronger leads and developing pipelines, which began with the launch of a new website and branding in December 2021.

 The latest updates include:

  • ‘I’m serious’: Users can indicate when they are serious about moving to create a more tailored search experience and help them stand out to agents when making an enquiry. Switching on the “I’m serious about moving” toggle prompts consumers to enter their details to unlock a number of benefits. These include time saving one-click lead creation, one-click WhatsApp enquiries for real-time conversations with agents and access to enhanced local market data. Sharing key information with agents automatically helps users stand out from the crowd, qualifying the lead and recognising serious movers. 
  • MyLists: Consumers can now organise and save their favourite properties in multiple curated lists to keep track of the properties they are most interested in. 
  • Collaborate with others: Consumers can invite family and friends to view and interact with their saved searches by adding extra listings to their lists and leave private comments to share their thoughts on specific properties, making it easier for users to narrow down the homes they’re most interested in.  
  • Property watch: Consumers can choose to receive updates on specific properties they have saved as part of their lists and receive alerts when these homes are reduced in price, go under offer, or become re-available. 
  • Very Important Places (VIPs): To make it easier to find properties in the best location for them, consumers can now save the addresses of their VIPs to see how far listings of interest are from these locations. VIPs can be a relative’s home, a gym or hospital for example. Distances to saved VIPs will be displayed beneath the details of properties, adding an extra layer of personalisation to the search. 
  • Profile badges: Introduced to drive engagement, numerous badges can be unlocked by users as they complete different parts of their MyPlace profile and interact with various features of the site. These badges are designed to encourage movers to provide agents with valuable information ahead of time and demonstrate that they are either sale ready, or a qualified buyer, by answering a few simple questions.  

The introduction of the ‘I’m serious’ toggle is a move into applicant pre-qualification based on user behaviour on the site and represents the most significant upgrade for agents amongst the suite of updates. For the first time, agents will receive pre-qualified leads based on the consumer’s interactions on the portal, such as how often they have visited, how many properties they have viewed, how much information they have provided and details of their buying position. This enables an agent to prioritise which applicants should be contacted first.

The inclusion of the MyLists tool is the biggest change for property seekers. The feature was specifically designed to allow for third party interaction to encourage a more social and collaborative way for users to search for their dream home than had previously been possible. 

Jason Tebb, Chief Executive Officer of OnTheMarket, comments: “I’m delighted to be introducing a raft of new features and functionality that build on the additions we made last year. The evolution of our user offering began with the launch of a new website and since then we have maintained our commitment to building a portal that delivers for agents by optimising the consumer user experience.   

We believe that this latest set of updates will change the way serious movers search for property and engage with agents. By encouraging users to personalise their profiles via the new dashboard, this in turn provides a more qualitative approach to lead generation. When consumers indicate they are ready to move, we will let the agent know the applicant is serious which will help them prioritise their calls and emails.