Press releases

11 May 2022

OnTheMarket plc expands commercial partnership with Property Academy

OnTheMarket has expanded its partnership with Property Academy, after agreeing an exclusive commercial relationship with the leading business coaching specialists last year.

The initial collaboration gave full-fee paying OnTheMarket agents free access to attend bespoke leadership coaching sessions run by industry stalwart Peter Knight. These sessions proved incredibly popular with agents, receiving positive reviews from attendees.

Full-fee paying OnTheMarket agents can now benefit from free access to a fresh series of four bespoke virtual masterclasses which will run throughout this year, the first of which is due to take place in May. The sessions will each last between 60 and 90 minutes and will be hosted by award-winning speaker Peter Knight and renowned high-performance estate agent coach Josh Phegan.

In addition to the bespoke seminar series, full-fee paying OnTheMarket agents can also become members of OnTheMarket Leadership Groups and enjoy the first two months of their membership to the groups for free as part of a minimum 12-month membership.

The OnTheMarket Leadership Groups are designed to allow the agents who are part of them to experience and learn from other businesses by giving them access to a wealth of valuable events, group meetings and materials as part of their membership.

Membership benefits include participation in three half-day speaker workshops a year with some of Property Academy’s expert speakers, the ability to attend up to ten live webinars a year with respected business practitioners and coaches from the UK and overseas, access to an archive of sessions via the Members’ Hub, downloadable materials, and the ability to participate in Property Academy’s two-day annual All Members event. This event facilitates relationship building, structured learning and opportunities to network with some of the most forward-thinking estate agency and supplier leaders in the sector.

Jason Tebb, Chief Executive Officer of OnTheMarket, comments: “I’m delighted to be expanding our partnership with Property Academy to continue providing our agents with the opportunity to benefit from more of the knowledge and expertise Peter Knight and the Property Academy team have to offer which proved invaluable to our agents who attended and enjoyed the popular coaching sessions provided last year as part of the first phase of our partnership. As well as the bespoke series of masterclasses available to our agents, the opportunity for our members to become part of OnTheMarket Leadership Groups is an exciting proposition in itself and another way in which we aim to enrich what we have available to our agents as part of our aim of being able to provide them with the tools to continue to succeed.”

Peter Knight, Founder and Managing Director of Property Academy comments: “Property Academy delivered 12 exclusive webinars to OnTheMarket members last year and we’re delighted with the feedback – there’s clearly an appetite from many agents to improve their businesses. This new and exclusive seminar series is part of a number of initiatives we and others are delivering for OnTheMarket, who are clearly committed to their “more than just a portal” strategy, providing members with a comprehensive package of products and services.”

Jason Tebb concludes: “Since joining the business, my team and I have been committed to working with ‘best in class’ providers to add value to our agents’ memberships and the expansion of our partnership with Peter Knight and Property Academy allows us to continue doing just that. As time goes on, I’m very much looking forward to sharing more of what we’re working on in the near future.”