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12 May 2023

OnTheMarket integrates lead qualifying Canopy ‘passport’ to help movers get rent ready

OnTheMarket Group (“OnTheMarket” or “The Group”) has completed a new integration with Canopy on its portal to help ensure consumers are rent ready with a Canopy RentPassport, whilst also providing valuable pre-qualified leads to letting agents.

Canopy extended its association with OnTheMarket in March 2022, after first partnering the previous year. The latest integration of Canopy to the site follows on from the launch of the portal’s innovative MyPlace consumer dashboard in February. Agents who are signed up to Canopy through the partnership can benefit from the integration.

When filling out a lead form for rental properties listed on the portal by agents signed up to Canopy, consumers are now prompted to create a RentPassport. The passport allows them to share important information with agents such as income, credit history and rent payments to qualify them as a serious applicant. If the consumer ticks the option to create their RentPassport their details will be shared with Canopy who will be in touch via email to complete the process. The consumer will be given the option to share their RentPassport with the letting agent, further qualifying the lead.

As well as being given the option to create a RentPassport when filling out a lead form, consumers can also use the get “Rent Ready” feature on their MyPlace dashboard to stand out from the crowd when enquiring about properties of interest. To become Rent Ready via their MyPlace dashboard, users will be prompted to create a Canopy account and complete a RentPassport. Once a RentPassport is created and the renter is Rent Ready, OnTheMarket will be able to recognise this and rather than being prompted to create one as part of filling out lead forms, the consumer will be asked if they would like Canopy to share their existing RentPassport with the agent straight away with their lead.

Agents can also access a link via OnTheMarket Expert to be easily directed to Canopy HQ where they will be able to open RentPassports that have been shared by consumers to make it easier for them to access the information when needed. Visibility of which potential renters have a RentPassport will also help agents identify their most highly qualified leads to support them in their activity and aid efficiency when prioritising their enquiries.

Jason Tebb, Chief Executive Officer of OnTheMarket, comments: “As part of our aim to engage serious property seekers and connect them with our agents, the evolution of our relationship with Canopy will allow us to connect the most rent ready applicants with our letting agents. Giving movers the opportunity to add this extra layer of pre-qualification to their enquiries will help our agents identify their strongest leads, while also helping our consumers get best prepared to secure their next rental property. We remain committed to differentiating our offering with fresh solutions for agents and we are proud to be enhancing the moving process for our renters.”

Chris Hutchinson, Chief Executive Officer at Canopy, says: “Through our partnership with OnTheMarket to date, we’ve been able to solve key pain points for both agents and renters. Expanding on that success and acknowledging the challenges that exist in this current rental market, our partnership is uniquely placed to launch a true pre-qualification offering that enables agents to focus their time on their strongest leads and allows renters to see how they look to the property industry, empowering them to put their best foot forward. Our focus is on creating propositions that benefit all sides of the rental market and this is a clear example of that ambition.”


About OnTheMarket:

OnTheMarket plc, the majority agent-owned company which operates the property portal, is a leading UK residential property portal provider.

Its objective is to create value for shareholders and property advertiser customers by delivering an agent-backed, tech-enabled portal, offering a first-class service to agents and new homes developers at sustainably fair prices and becoming the go-to portal for serious property seekers.

OnTheMarket provides a unique opportunity for agents to participate in the equity value of their own portal. Agent backing and support enables OnTheMarket to display Only With Us properties to serious property seekers either exclusively* or 24 hours or more before agents release these properties to Rightmove or Zoopla.

*  Exclusive properties are properties advertised at by customers who do not list their properties with either Rightmove or Zoopla.

About Canopy

Canopy ambition is to build an eco-system for renters, letting agents and landlord that improves the lives of rental households by providing access to tools, products and services that fix the pain points associated with renting and enable them to improve their financial health. Canopy’s core products are RentPassport, a multi-channel tenant referencing solution powered by Open Banking and credit data, and CanopyGrow, a subscription service packed with tools to help improve a tenants’ credit score.

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