Shares issued

As at 06 March 2023, the number of ordinary shares of £0.002 in issue was 77,187,176. The Company does not hold any ordinary shares in treasury.

Major shareholders

As at 1 March 2023, the Company has been notified of the following interests in 3% or more of the issued ordinary share capital of the Company:

Shareholder Shares Held %
Schroder Investment Management 5,447,758 7.1
Harwood Capital Management (Gibraltar) Limited 3,952,500 5.1
Jason Walker 3,620,626 4.7
Herald Investment Mgt 2,433,888 3.1

Shares not in public hands

In terms of AIM Rules revised in January 2022 and insofar as it is aware, as at 22 February 2023, 9% of the Company’s AIM securities was not in public hands. There are no shares held in treasury.

Statement of the Rights of Shareholders

The rights of shareholders are governed by UK law.

Restrictions in transfer of AIM securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s AIM securities.

Details of other exchanges or trading platforms

The Company has not applied or agreed to have any of its securities (including its ordinary shares) admitted or traded on any exchange or trading platform apart from AIM.

Shareholder meetings and circulars